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CAAHDER is in the business of assisting all Black/African Americans to achieve optimal health and gain understanding of the individual, community, societal and psychosocial barriers/assets to attaining optimal health (respective to each person/community)


Eradication of Health Inequities in underserved Black/African American populations across the lifespan


To conduct research with and for underserved Black/African American to better understand upstream factors.

To collaborate with relevant stakeholders across sectors to assist in our vision & mission.

To conduct educational workshops to inform communities, public health professionals, medical communities, and community health workers about challenges and solutions to health inequities.

To develop 'promising' and/or utilize adapted evidence-based interventions to motivate changes in how health is perceived, acted, and modelled by community members and health professions across sectors.

To connect community members to vocational, nutritional,

social services, and health referrals.

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