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CAAHDER's Approach

Our Principal Consultant, Dr Jennifer R. Warren has her PhD in Health Communication and is not only an expert in community engagement and population and community health but excels in health communication theories, message and content design and delivery in the use of digital tools, curricula development, intervention adaptation, and implementation, and in evaluation in health promotion.


  1. Communication is everything and everywhere with the power to persuade. It is essential that health communication serve as the foundation for addressing health inequities and disparities.

  2. Effective health communication is critical to communicating with communities about health, building partners in community health, conducting research, in health education curricula design and delivery to reduce disparities.

  3. When working with marginalized groups, healing engagement fosters respect of voice, testimony, sociopolitical consciousness, and provides a holistic view of communities in outreach and in program design and delivery

  4. Healing engagement, as a asset driven approach, is important to engaging partners, collaborators, organizations with optimism and the hope that linkages among partners will offer a health engaged safety net to keep communities from harm.


Model in Intersectional Community Health Programming 

Approach Model
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Relevant Articles

Relevant Articles

Identity-Congruent Communication in User Interface Design: The

Case of Medically Underserved Smokers

African American Ethnic and Class-Based Identities on the World Wide Web: Moderating te Effects of Self-Perceived Information Seeking/Finding and Web Self-Efficacy

Rationale, Design, and Method of "Set the Rules": A Tailored Peer-to-Peer Health Information Intervention

Barriers, Control and Identity in Health Information Seeking among African American women

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