CAAHDER is a collaborative safe inclusive space for diversity individuals to work on and produce programs, projects, and services aligned with our mission, dedicated to our approach through a public health lens, and interested in African American and vulnerable population health.
Our volunteer staff are medical doctors, dentists, public health professionals, health educators, epidemiologists, clinical researchers web-based communication experts, and student interns.

CAAHDER’s organizational focus is the development and implementation of community-based health services and to reduce health disparities and health inequities in collaboration with stakeholders in the health communication-informed project development. For operational goals and objectives see the figure below.


We use a process-based organizational structure that include not only the activities employees perform, but also how those different activities interact with one another. This process is facilitated based on collaborative teams, where members are assigned to the program but can work across programs with others. See organizational chart below:

Board of Directors.jpeg