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Virtual (Remote) Internships and Fieldwork

Helping Students Realize Their Professional Goals

The Center for African American Health Disparities & Research (CAAHDER), Inc 501(c)3  partners with educational organizations and institutions sponsoring virtual (remote) internships and field experiences for MPH, Instructional Design, Public Relations, and Marketing students for credit or experience.


We offered unparalleled virtual mentoring and work experiences. Students collaborate remotely with our experts and with each other in teams.

CAAHDER provides a virtual space for students to exercise confidence, belief in what they already know intrinsically as relevant to the practice of public health as well as capitalizing on the power of what they learned so far as an MPH student.


We provide a quality of virtual mentorship and that is unparalleled - soft skills and hard skills. We personalize and advance the student experience toward their career goals, or help them discover those goals.

As Madeline Herring testifies on my Linkedin page:


"Dr. Warren was my professor in 2014 and 2015 for Health Literacy and Health Message Design classes. I can't express how much I respected her and loved her teachings. She has an infectious passion for her work and I learned a lot from her. When people I went to school with talk about their favorite professors or the ones who stood out, Dr. Warren is always the one I talk about.


Dr. Warren's enthusiasm for community health had a significant impact on me, which is especially impressive given that, at a time, I was a pretty disengaged student with a particular disregard for school. She gave me personal attention, held me accountable, and was able to really reach me and guide me. Thanks to her positive influence and direction, I have a fulfilling career in healthcare and I volunteer for the community. I always had it in my mind that I wanted to help people and Dr. Warren showed me how; I'll always be grateful to her for that."

Madeline Herring.jpeg

Value in Partnering with CAAHDER

CAAHDER creates a safe place for students to conceive and bring their ideas to reality. It is also a collaborative space where students gain important teamwork, research, and outreach skills.


CAAHDER is at this time a virtual community-based health organization, offering virtual (remote) internships & field experiences. Students assist in:

  • Research projects targeting underserved and vulnerable populations

  • Managing a virtual nonprofit public health organization

  • Health-related public relations and building collaborations/partnerships

  • Health-Related social marketing and branding

  • Health project management (via Microsoft Teams)

  • Conceptualizing, designing and delivery of social media health campaigns and promotions

  • Planning and development of health professional development programming for CME Credits

  • Participation in various community-based partnerships

CAAHDER Student Gains

Expanded expertise and knowledge, a resume line, participation in a virtual project management system (FeedCamp), and actual health products to showcase their skill sets and knowledge of public health. 


Student Successes

Madeline Herring(Health Communication)Abmibola Wiliams (MPH), (co-author on two Ebola-related publications) Christie Lyn Costanza (MPH) (I was field preceptor for her final project in Rutgers MPH program), Courtney Tilton (Health Communication) ,and Jeannine Donnelly (Health Communication) (published sole-authored peer review article based on work with me). All these students went onto bigger and better positions. Others such as Brandi M. White (MPH) went on to pursue a PHD as a professor of Health Professions and medical degrees.


CAAHDER Partnerships/Agreements:

Department of Communication at The College of New Jersey

Instructional Technology Program at the University of North Carolina 

MPH Program at Dornsife School of Public Health, Drexel University

MPH Program at Center for Public Health Initiatives, University of Pennsylvania

MPH Program at The College of New Jersey

Past Students:

The College of New Jersey: Kaitlyn Cirigliano (for credit)

Michigan State University: Jasmine Dickerson, Global Health Major

Loyola University, Chicago: Zacary Fox; Marketing & Advertising 

Yale University: Jaida Morgan, Double Major in Molecular Biology and History of Science, Medicine and Public Health,

University of Pennsylvania: Sierra Cribb, School of Public Health

University of Pennsylvania: Felicity Mampe, School of Public Health Johson C. Smith (HBCU), Montana Flowers, Biology and Public Health (accepted into UPenn School of Nursing, Fall 2022)

Rider University: Rikiyah Mixson, Health Communication

India Washington (fieldwork), University of South Florida, Public Health

University of Illinois Chicago: Esther Ajaye, Epidemiology

Rutgers University: Sahana Naratajan, PreMed

How To Become an Educational Partner:
1) CAAHDER provides a link on our site to your program

2) The institutional cross advertises CAAHDER to through your program or school

3) Your program (e.g., puts us in the system)  presents CAAHDER as a viable virtual organization for student internships opportunities. Remember we to personalize each student's experience based on current needs and/or career aspirations.

CAAHDER looks forward to advancing your students' experience, expertise, and career opportunities.

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