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Black Women. Speak & Live Your Dreams!
Mentoring Program 

CAAHDER is PAVING the WAY for Black and Brown Women in Academia!

Students Successes:

  • Sahana Natarajan who successfully graduated from Rutgers Graduate School of Biomedical Science and is now pursuing medical school started with CAAHDER in 2021.

    • She successfully collaborated with India Washington, a University of West Florida MPH students, on the development and implementation of a social media intervention, Know Your Heart (e.g., videos interviewing health practitioners, posts, etc) to educate Black women about cardiovascular disease.

    • While she is waiting for acceptance, Sahana is now affiliate faculty at George Mason University still working with Dr. Ma'at, and has published one co-authored peer-reviewed publication in Integrative Gynecology and Obstetrics Gynecology. 

    • She has produced a co-authored literature synthesis manuscript assessing the associations between maternal mental and perinatal health and racism-specific adaptive coping that is being prepared for submission. This research was accepted for oral presentation at the Washington, DC Health Communication Conference in 2023.

    • Sahana collaborated in developing the abstract, Prenatal care access challenges due to COVID-19: Associations with everyday discrimination, superwoman schema, and preterm delivery among pregnant Black women that is accepted for presentation at the American Public Health Association annual conference in Fall 2023.

  • Brandi M. White (MPH) went on to pursue a Ph.D. as a professor of Health Professions at the University of Kentucky. We have several co-authored peer-reviewed publications. See CV.

  • Rikiyah Mixson presented her research on Black women's resilience with CAAHDER at The Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS)                                 graduated from Rider University, and was accepted to the School of Public Health at George Washington University in Washington, DC. 

  • India Washington from the University of West Florida completed her MPH practicum with CAAHDER and developed and implemented a social media intervention, Know Your Heart (e.g., videos interviewing health practitioners, posts, etc) to educate Black women about cardiovascular disease.  

  • Esther Ajayi, a first-year MPH candidate in Epidemiology at the University of Illinois at Chicago​ gained experience and skills to address Black maternal morbidity and mortality. 

  • Johnson C. Smith University undergraduate student, Montana Flowers who was double majoring in Public Health and Biology (and successfully graduated and moved on graduate school), and Sierra Cribb, an MPH student who successfully completed her practicum with CAAHDER. She gained skills in developing a systematic literature review for a peer-reviewed publication that accessed the prevalence and risks of Alzheimer's Disease among African American communities; finding that one barrier to treating Alzheiner's Disease among African Americans is the low likelihood of brain donations.

  • Sierra Cribb also utilized CAAHDER research to develop an abstract for APHA's 2021 Annual Meeting, An integrated literature review of African American women in cardiovascular clinical trials: Equity issues and solutions, which was accepted for presentation.

  • Felicity Mampe, an MPH student from UPenn, was afforded experience during her practicum with CAAHDER in a collaborative community health effort with the Center for African American Health in Denver, CO to develop and implement a social media marketing campaign to increase knowledge of the severity and susceptibility, and efficacy in obtaining a vaccination uptake among African Americans. 

CAAHDER is One of Kind

Gold Accessories

Black Women. Speak & Live Your Dreams

Due to the overwhelming influx and success of incredibly talented Black women as mentioned above, we've formalized an UNMISSABLE mentoring program!

Why? Because the world has done a disservice by perpetuating epistemic injustice in higher education, making our brilliant Black women faculty and students feel unseen and unheard. This program *loudly and proudly* counteracts the systemic racism and challenges faced by pioneers like Dr. Warren!

Black women in undergraduate, Master's, and Ph.D. tracks! If you're keen on research (and health promotion), this is the GOLDEN opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

 CAAHDER’s Mentorship Program offers:

- One-on-one weekly mentoring
- Tailored research paths aligned with action & advocacy

- Hands-on experience in research & health promotion

- A continuous boost of your intellectual prowess & self-worth

- Expert-guided tools & strategies for authentic self-discovery in research

- Networking opportunities with diverse researchers

- Exposure to interdisciplinary teams & community involvement

- Training in public speaking and interviews (with modern & traditional methods)

- Opportunities for conference submissions and co-authoring 


Most importantly, we acknowledge and address the isolating challenges faced by first-gen Black women and those aspiring to be researchers. With Dr. Ma'at leading the charge, feel embraced, empowered, and elevated - her supernatural powers. 


Please email for more info.

CAAHDER stands for mentoring EXCELLENCE!


Let's transform the world TOGETHER! 

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