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Black Women. Manifest!

Research Mentoring Program 
Black women in College/Universities

This program is in response to epistemic injustice in higher education that tells all Black women, faculty, and students, that they are deficient as meaning makers, and as sources and resources for knowledge generation. It is in response to structural racism that tells Black women they are unworthy. It is in response to the explicit racism that Dr. Ma'at was subject to as a student, postdoc, and faculty member. But more than anything this program is a response to the health risks

academia poses for all Black women who chose to pursue a career as a professor at a research institute or as a postdoctoral opportunity at a research institute.


NCAAHDER's Principal Consultant, Dr. Ma'at (14 years in academia as a student and 10 years as a professor) personally provides:

  • one-on-one personalized mentoring weekly, 

  • personalized research trajectory dovetailing to action and advocacy

  • real time research and health promotion engagement, practice, and training 

  • continuous affirmation of their intellectual capacity and self-worth, coping skills (e.g., time management, mindfulness) 

  • help them search if necessary for their authentic self as it relates to their research interests and career trajectory

  • provide ongoing inspiration and affirmation to do research that feels right to them and that has a real world impact and speak life into PHD aspirations

  • opportunities to engage researchers from diverse professions internationally, nationally, and from many diverse cultural backgrounds

  • opportunities to engage in interdisciplinary collaborative teams

  • opportunities to engage with communities

  • public speaking training and opportunities

  • interview training/preparation (remote with person, video-taped, and traditional and )

  • academic counseling (trajectory, interests, what's next, action plans, application letters)

  • opportunities to submit work for conferences

  • co-authoring opportunities as well

  • alternatives to professorship with same impact and activities

It is through mentorship that Dr. Warren steps in to ensure that Black women in college have someone that cares about their interests, life, career. College can be a lonely and sometimes non-nurturing space for first generation Black women and Black women who want to be researchers without support for their standpoint and ideas and/or without seeing anyone who looks like they do through most of their college tenure.


CAAHDER prides itself on mentoring excellence


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