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CAADHER's Current Projects

A funded research study that examines perceptions of cardiovascular health among African American women living in Lexington, KY public housing for intervention development 

Nexus of Dominance: The cumulative impact of health inequities on African Americans

Preferences for cardiovascular risk reduction for Black women living in subsidized housing: A qualitative study

An integrative literature review of deep structure strategies to adapt cardiovascular risk reduction programs for Black American women." 

Social determinants of health and the health of seniors and people living with disabilities in public housing in Trenton


Youth for Community Recovery: Photovoice in documenting the social determinants of health for environmental justice

Structural Competency: Theorizing a new community engagement with stigma and inequality

A Healthier Future funded by NJ Healthy Communities Network to provide healthy meals and active living opportunities for youth and adults living in public housing in New Jersey

Translational research, triangulation, and community engagement in developing a targeted intervention for priority populations

Structural Racism and Health Inequities, Book under contract with  Springer Publication

Co-Authors Sirry Alang and Rachael Hardeman

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