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Additional Services

We are accessible. We listen. We are willing to be part of project process from the beginning. To engage at the start, helps us obtain a better sense of your project needs.
Our experience is vast.

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The Center provides remote project

planning, evaluation, and applied research services related to:

  • Program design (e.g., program design, plans, intervention matching, logic models)

  • Evaluation design (e.g., process evaluation plans, SMART objectives)

  • Instrument development (e.g., interview schedules, qualitative interview and focus group protocols)

  • Data analysis (e.g., qualitative)

  • Reporting (e.g., data-driven reports, data visualizations)

  • Evaluation capacity building (e.g.,  trainings)

  • Technical assistance


Other services:​

  • Powerpoint Poster Design

  • Epidemiological Research (see focus areas)

  • Data Triangulation Matrices

  • Translation of Scientific Information for Lay Audiences

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