Health Research Services

  • PowerPoint Poster Design

    For Conferences and other Venues

    All you have to do is provide the:
    1. Content--clearly labeled
    2. Poster dimensions
    3. Title
    4. Authors & affiliations
    We do the rest. What you receive is a professionally completed poster ready for printing and display
  • Epidemiological Research

    Grants, Proposal, Articles

    1. Please be sure to look at are our focus areas for where our expertise lies.
    2. We will  speak with you about your project.
    3. Determine exactly the type of research your project requires
    4. Ensure the length (how many pages)
    5. Let us know the formatting for citations and works cited.
    You will receive a report of those data with headings and references
  • Qualitative Data Analysis

    Coding & Themes

    We can code:
    1. Deductively and provide themes based on a theoretical framework 
    2. By the questions in the interview schedule and provide themes
    3. Inductively based on research question(s) - letting those data speak and provide themes
    4. Using latent coding analysis - what's hidden the and not being said and provide themes.
    4. Using any qualitative interpretative methodology (see focus areas)
    We use Excel or Microsoft Word to create a database for ease of sharing coding trees. You will receive a professional report with coding structure, themes, sub themes and representative quotations. 
  • Data Triangulation

    Quantitative & Qualitative Data Integration

    For data triangulation we create
    1. Create a data matrix
    2. Integrate already interpreted multi-method data
    3. Integrate results from raw data
    4. We then identify data congruencies, those data that are not congruent, and any outlier data
    5. We interpret the findings noting the above 
    You will receive a professional report or discussion section with clear headings and rationales for the findings we discovered
  • Research Reports

    For Health Administrators and Researchers

    You provide the data or we will research it for you. We will:
    1. Write up the literature or assessment findings according your specs.
    2. Or write up data you need compiled
    3. Organize them into a document with headers, graphics, tables, etc a
    3. Cite sources if required (provide formatting info)
    4. Create a beautiful template for the document for each page if you require
    5. Create a white paper if that is your choice
    6. Create table of contents
    You have the option of letting us provide a stunning cover page or just provide you with the word document. Whichever way you will receive a professional report.
  • Translational, Tailored & Curriculum Design

    We are experts at translating health results into formats for community use or low literacy groups. We can also tailor the look and feel of the product for a specific cultural audience (English Only). We have produced infographics, brochures, PowerPoints, and reports for use by community members and advisory boards for communities of color. We are also experts at designing offline curricula for health education and heath promotion for various audiences, such as teachers, for community use, in workforce development. We derive materials for a curriculum provided by the client and create lessons with objectives and relevant content. This results iw a professional word document that is ready for packaging, implementation, or dissemination
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