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Health Outreach

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We are a national organization with community roots, serving the health needs of disadvantage groups across America.


Our target population includes low income African Americans and vulnerable populations who carry a disproportionate burden of health inequities compared to other groups. We desire to impact health locally and nationally through innovative delivery strategies, such as mobile application.


CAAHDER advances knowledge of and skill sets in strategies to reduce health disparities and health inequities. These strategies are used collaboratively with our partners and inform our research, education, health promotion, and policy advocacy.


CAAHDER advances the knowledge and health acumen, and ideally behavior change among community members.


CAAHDER’s competitive advantage is our commitment to using a health communication approach and strategies in implementing our mission. This approach informs our work through relevant messaging and content development, and tools that increase the utility, outreach and efficacy of health promotion, educational services, partnership building, and policy work. There are no other organizations implementing such an approach to community-based health promotion.

See CAAHDER's Areas of Intervention.

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