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Michael Hecht Photo.jpeg
Michael Hecht, PhD. Co-President of REAL PREVENTION

Dr. Warren has a Ph.D. in Health Communication working primarily as a behavioral and social scientist and whose interdisciplinary scholarship is the combination of sociology, psychology, and anthropology robust with the use of observation, research, and communication strategies and skills as well as the use of multiple methods. Dr. Warren’s scholarship is in health equity and tends to focus on addiction and other chronic diseases with low-income communities by overseeing and developing programs, evidence-based interventions, and in investigating perceptions, behavior, and decision-making. As well as, addressing cultural and social factors as these relate to mental health and community-based interventions. Her work informs public and population health.

Gary Kreps.jpeg
Gary Kreps, PhD, Distinguished Professor at George Mason University

I am pleased to recommend Dr. Warren as a health promotion/health communication scholar and practitioner, especially related to promotion health equity. She has a proven track record of excellent research and program development. She thinks critically about the hey contributing factors to health inequities. As a health equity researcher myself, who also focuses on developing appropriate and salient health behavior programs for minority communities, I am excited to support Dr. Warren's professional endeavors!

Traci Collins Photo.jpeg
Tracie Collins, MD, Dean at University of New Mexico College of Population Health

I have known Dr. Warren for several years. Dr. Warren is adept at obtaining funding and at managing multiple projects and programs with excellence. She is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable team leader with the ability to professionally manage staff based on their strengths. Dr. Warren excels at communicating with stakeholders to get buy-in and to participate in collaborative endeavors. I am proud of her accomplishments.

Peri Nearon Photo.jpeg
Peri Nearon, Executive Director, Division of Disability Services at New Jersey Department of Public Health

 I have worked with Dr. Warren on projects that informed community health services and funding proposals at the New Jersey Department of Health. She is an enthusiastic and capable leader who gets the job done. Dr. Warren was an amazing partner on ShapingNJ—a talented and innovative communicator.

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