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We are an extremely diverse and inclusive, female minority owned nonprofit. NCAAHDER focuses only on Black American health unapologetically. 
We are a national organization with community-based roots whose mission is to provide sustainable solutions to health disparities and inequities impacting low income communities of color and other vulnerable populations through community engagement, partnership building, education, research, heath promotion, and policy advocacy.

The need for our organization is crucial.  We are the only national organization with a an outreach arm that is fed by our think-do tank. At CAAHDER we are investigating and reporting on enduring equity concerns for low income African American and other vulnerable communities who suffer disproportionately from health disparities and systemic health inequities. Through our epidemiological investigations, literature reviews, and qualitative research we identify trends and patterns in health disparities and inequities that inform our health outreach across the nation



Aligned with these endeavors is CAAHDER's commitment to building national and community-based partnerships to collaboratively implement relevant and sustainable solutions to facilitate the reduction in inequities that impact low income African American and vulnerable populations.


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Some Frameworks, Models, and Processes Integrated into NCAAHDER's Work