Our Mission

The CAAHDER Think-Do Tank is a community-based action-oriented research and policy group committed to advancing the health and health rights of underserved African Americans and other vulnerable populations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a multidisciplinary community of health research professionals who are never satisfied with the status quo and always reaching beyond the current state to generate innovative projects in an effort to improve public and community health among African Americans and other vulnerable groups

Who We Are

The people who make up our think tank are community members, epidemiologists, clinical researchers, medical doctors, public health professionals, policy experts, biostatisticians, social workers, nurses, and behavioral and social scientists. By bringing these scientists together, the CAAHDER think-do tank creates multidisciplinary collaborations that help us learn how to best address issues of health inequities and disparities.
CAAHDER’s think-do tank whose health research advances understanding of health inequities, health disparities, chronic diseases, and health behaviors, and examines the impact of health policies on underserved African Americans and other vulnerable groups to inform systems of care, community-based organizations, community leaders, and relevant scientific communities.
Our body of research includes innovative studies of health information technology, COVID-19, internalized racial oppression, social determinants of health, as well as cardiovascular disease, infectious disease, disabilities, tobacco use, substance abuse, psychosocial factors and health risk. The CAAHDER think-do thank findings help inform policies and practices that aim to improve the health of African American and other vulnerable population and the care they receive.
See methodologies and methods for more info on study designs and data collection strategies. See health expertise for information on areas in which we specialize.

What We Believe In

The study is comprehensive and integrative.


Over the years, the CAAHDER think-do tank has distinguished itself with its willingness and ability to work with clients and sponsors to expand the scope of studies that they originally proposed or approved, in order to illuminate longer-term or broader-based issues in addition to those generated by a specific research question. EpikResearch's multidisciplinary research style enables the analysis of problems from a wide variety of perspectives that can be synthesized into a coherent whole.


The study is innovative.


The CAAHDER think-do tank has a reputation for producing innovative solutions to complex problems. All high-quality research is expected to add to the understanding of the research area—that is, to make findings or to draw conclusions that were not previously recognized. But if the research is also distinguished by freshness of design, approach, or ideas, it is innovative. If it develops new methods or ideas, applies old ones in new ways, or adapts them to new problem areas, it is innovative.

The study is enduring.


Much of policy research is undertaken in response to the immediate, specific concerns of communities. We go beyond the short term and to develop insights that have enduring value. This quest for enduring value is one reason that the CAAHDER think-do tank systematically documents its studies and, whenever possible, places research products in the public domain.